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Tattoo Of The Month

Some tattoos have deep meaning to our clients and ourselves, some have none at all and for aesthetics only, some are something fun or funny to create a smile, and then there are the times where all of that meets within one piece! We love when our clients bring in an idea and let us create an original piece to perfectly fit their meaning (or lack thereof!).

October's 'Tattoo Of The Month' is coming in hot from Roll Hardy. He began his professional tattooing journey in California in 1998, after a stint there he moved into Oregon to call it home and grow his roots. Over the years he has had the pleasure to work and learn from many of the incredible artists that exist around the world. In 2016 Joanne Slorach and he opened The Hive Tattoo in the beautiful Kenton district and it's been growing and thriving ever since.

His tattoo work is defined by clean lines, bright colors, and a design aesthetic inspired by American, Japanese, and black & grey tattoo work. Outside of tattooing he is an incredible artist, a family man, a traveler, and a adventurous mountain biker.

Contact Roll to see what he can create for you and the vision you have for your body!

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