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About Us

The Hive is a custom and appointment-based tattoo studio located in the Kenton neighborhood of beautiful Portland, Oregon. We always welcome walk-ins subject to availability. The Hive's roster of artists is Joanne Slorach, Roll Hardy, Nate Luna, D. Aispuro, Annie Lien, and Amelia Ann.


Established in 2016, we have a dedicated following and are highly regarded in the tattoo community for our art and personalities. The Hive is an evolving, creative extension of ourselves and our artistic interests, ranging from the world-class mural work of Blaine Fontana adorning the building to the eclectically designed interior environment and gallery space.

Making high-level, beautiful custom tattoos is what we do. The studio is open, spacious, and spotless. Conversation and engagement with clients are essential waypoints along the journey of getting a tattoo and are respected aspects of the tattoo experience. We have cultivated a warm, fun, and friendly environment that can best be described as a buzzing hive of activity.

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